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Shanti Asiatic School- Vastral, Ahmedabad

Shanti Asiatic School at Vastral is a joint venture, managed by Agrawal Education Trust, established in 2012. Situated in the serene location of Vastral amidst lush greenery and natural surroundings. We at SAS, believe that education should be holistic and it should prepare a child to face the challenges of the world. Therefore, the education at SAS is a blend of Asian values with Global outlook. Our curriculum caters to the overall development of a child with values at the base and technology at his tips. Shanti Asiatic School is among the Top 5 CBSE Schools Ahmedabad that provides a modern and creative education in an interactive and friendly environment. It is recognised as one of the Best CBSE Schools in Ahmedabad that maintains an optimum balance between education, sports and co-curricular activities.

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