Core Values

“Nine tenths of education is encouragement.” Anatole France The foundations of learning at SAS are, in its rich and unique holistic approach, integrating the best of hi-tech education with relevant value systems, to become the ideal 21st century Gurukul in its true spirit. At the core of this endeavor is the challenge to develop an inspired global learning community that can change the future of mankind. SAS philosophy stands strong on the three fundamental values: Creativity – Sensitivity – Responsibility Creativity: Igniting young minds! Creativity is the essence of learning at SAS. The school program reaffirms our faith in giving freedom to the child to explore new ways of learning and sharing. This enables, critical thinking, problem solving and building a healthy attitude towards learning. Sensitivity: Building “Emotional Quotient”! Every child’s heart has a unique set of Emotions which enable him/her to express his/her potential. Our effort is to understand these emotions and mentor every child by giving adequate exposure to national and world issues of energy, environment, and conflict resolution with utmost care. We aim to make global citizens who have IQ along with EQ. Responsibility: “Making Responsible World Citizens”! At SAS we believe that everything begins with an intent which gets converted to an initiative and then a responsibility. Every child at SAS is groomed to take the initiative and accept change. Our effort is to make open-minded individuals out of our children who are ready to take on the world in their stride. AT SAS our dream is to see every child become independent, sensitive, productive and responsible, ready to transform the world into a better place.