“I like a teacher who gives me something to take home, to think and to explore” The academic program in our school is an outcome of intensive research and in sync with best schools across the nation. It is designed to prepare a child for global citizenship. Freedom of thought, freedom of expression and learning beyond books is encouraged through an inquiry based learning approach. i3 Learning Ladder

I = Inquiry

Step 1: Inquiry is an interesting aspect of childhood. It describes a child’s thirst for knowledge and information. Children enquire and investigate everything they see in their surroundings. This highlights their basic characteristics of being ‘Curious’.

I = Interaction

Step 2: Continuing with the spirit of inquisitiveness, interactions are arranged for students with peers, teachers, experts, toys, tools or technology- as applicable. This leads to unwinding their curiosity. Then, they explore practically to understand the interactions and interdependence of concepts. Having done all these, they are set free to apply…leading to.

I = Innovation

Step 3: Innovation is an expression of creativity. It is a product of scrupulous effort to fulfill inquisitive thoughts and confident interactions. Innovation is boundless as it is not limited to measurability and each creative expression is a new benchmark on the child’s developmental continuum.
This methodology is supplemented with Teamwork, project methodology and interactive learning. This ensures that the classes are vibrant, cooperative, cheerful and overflowing with ideas. Primary: The students of Classes I – V are taught English, Hindi, Maths, Environmental Science and Computers. Students of Class V study Sanskrit also.   Middle: The students of Classes VI – VIII learn English, Hindi, Maths, Science, Social Science and Computers. Sanskrit is the third language as per the Three Language Formula in the Middle School suggested by the CBSE